The poster sessions will take place on Saturday, August 6th and Monday, August 8th. If you have been selected for a poster session, you will be assigned to one of these days by your conveners. Winners of the poster competition will be announced during the plenary session and ~40 poster presenters will have an opportunity to give a one minute elevator speech on their poster during the plenary session (August 8-10). Also, all presenters of posters will have an opportunity to write a proceeding.

Posters will be displayed on tack boards like the one shown below. There will be two posters shown on each side of the tack board. Each poster presenter will be assigned to a tack board. The tack boards will be numbered to help you locate your assigned board. If you are presenting a poster, it must be smaller than 45 inches by 45 inches (114cm x 114cm). Push pins and velcro will be available in the poster area to use for mounting your poster on your board. You do not need to mount your poster to foam board.

picture of tack board

If you would like to print your poster when you arrive in Chicago, the following locations can print the poster for you.

  • FedEx Kinkos which is located inside the Sheraton Grand Hotel, +1.312.755.0314
  • Fastsigns 447 E. Ohio +1.312.464.1800 a 1/2 mile (10 minutes) walk from the Sheraton Grand Hotel
  • Concorde Printing & Copying Inc. 130 E. Randolph (One Prudential Plaza) +1.312.552-3006 a 1/2 mile (10 minutes) walk from the Sheraton Grand Hotel